Withdrawal Policy

  1. Withdrawal Request: Authors may request the withdrawal of their manuscript from consideration at any stage of the publication process. The withdrawal request must be submitted in writing to the editorial office of the "Pakistan Journal of Medical & Cardiological Review."
  2. Reasons for Withdrawal: Authors should provide a clear reason for the withdrawal of their manuscript. Acceptable reasons may include the discovery of significant errors, ethical concerns, or the submission of the manuscript to another journal simultaneously.
  3. Withdrawal Fees: There are no withdrawal fees associated with withdrawing a manuscript from consideration in the "Pakistan Journal of Medical & Cardiological Review."
  4. Approval for Withdrawal: The withdrawal request will be evaluated by the editorial team. If the manuscript has not yet been peer-reviewed, the withdrawal may be processed promptly. If the manuscript has already undergone peer review or has been accepted for publication, the withdrawal request will be assessed carefully, taking into consideration the stage of the publication process.
  5. Withdrawal After Acceptance: If a manuscript has been accepted for publication but has not yet been published, the withdrawal request will be granted only under exceptional circumstances. Authors must provide compelling reasons for withdrawal, and the editorial team will make the final decision.
  6. Withdrawal Notification: Upon approval of the withdrawal request, the corresponding author will be notified of the withdrawal decision. The manuscript will be removed from the journal's publication queue, and all related records will be updated accordingly.
  7. Resubmission: Authors who have withdrawn their manuscript may resubmit it for consideration in the future, following the journal's submission guidelines. However, authors should address any issues that led to the withdrawal before resubmission.
  8. Public Notification: The withdrawal of a manuscript will be noted publicly, either in the journal or on the journal's website, to maintain transparency and integrity in the publication process.